IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

Because of the rapid business growth, Southern Ocean Corporation accumulated large amounts of information related to different aspects of their furniture manufacturing business. Without a central storage and adequate permissions it was becoming more and more difficult to share the data and control information flows.

The business goal of the project was to develop an Information Management System with industry specific data structures and collaboration hubs to allow employees to easily share information.


Together with the customer we have identified the following issues to be address:

  • The business had a large amount of unstructured internal information that was difficult to store, sort and retrieve.
  • The business lacked an integrated project management system.
  • Administrators and managers had no control over user access permissions in their current system.
  • No versioning control for documents and records existed.


After discussions with management, it was decided that a custom SharePoint solution was the business’s most cost effective option to solve the problems they were facing.

  • Unique data structures were developed to ensure that the storage and retrieval of information was fast, accurate and simple.
  • Multiple data repositories were created to structure the data between departments.
  • Custom SharePoint features were developed for the business to provide further functionality to meet their unique requirements.
  • Tasks lists and shared calendars were implemented to allow managers to easily delegate tasks to employees, as well as allow employees to share calendar reminders such as meeting times, and project deadline information.
  • Information versioning was configured so that documents and records could be easily tracked throughout the solution.
  • Workflows were implemented that would automatically assign tasks to employees under range of different conditions (e.g. a manager would be automatically assigned a To Review task after a subordinate submitted a sales report to the system).

After working alongside with human resources and management staff, user groups were created to simulate the different departments within the organisation, each set with their own appropriate access permissions.


As a result of the project implementation, we have achieved the following:

  • The data available to designated employees and external users is now structured and accurate.
  • Company information and documents is now contained to one secure, central location that can be accessed using a range of different devices.
  • The organisation now has an easy to use, light-weight, integrated project management system.
  • Documents and records can now be easily tracked throughout the system.
  • Administrative and management staff now have full control over users and their permissions within the system.

Customer: Southern Ocean Corporation (Singapore), a hi-end furniture manufacturer and international wholesale vendor.