Success Stories

IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

TV-Bay – is the biggest and most popular Britain Internet broadcast dealer, which is primarily aimed to advertising, selling and hiring of new and used broadcast, video, film equipment and tv products. It encompasses not only the website but the magazine which provides with all the sales information and contacts that anyone will ever need along with industry.

The web site represents the scope of info-filled categories which particularly correspond to the needs of potential customers. That is why the corner stone of the project was to make sure that the advertising platform is designed to be not only effective, but also reliable and maintainable in working under pressure, withstanding the high level of capacity.

For this reason, firstly, we made a complete refactoring of the previous source code to facilitate the site's agility, stability and extendability, and the second, performed the upgrade from MySQL database to PostgreSQL, which helped to handle the increasing traffic.

To make the advertising platform more convenient to its users, the functionality was thoroughly considered meeting the most critical site’s navigational demands, which included smart search within the site and search engine optimization.

The integration of electronic payment systems helped to make the site commerce more trustworthy and insured the growing capabilities of on-line orders.

All implementation steps were completed in close collaboration with the TV-Bay team to ensure that all technical solution and further support match the highest customer expectations.

The business goal was to design and develop a reliable and extensible marketing center committed to arboriculture and forestry.

Granting the fact that the mentioned business sphere is just growing and very specific, the premium was placed on the simplicity and effectiveness to make the web broadcasting platform not only convenient to the potential collaborators, but also familiar to the mess audience.

The rapid growth in the number of sales and orders required the site to become more functional and modernized. These principles were ultimately embodied in the second version of the website, more considered and cost-effective.

The project can boast not only the potency of his marketing tools, but also the managerial ones. Among them are the following: simplified navigation, supervised site-working, opportunity to place advertisements and attach other related information, search engine optimization, geographical identification(i.e.geo-targeting).

One more aspect that shouldn’t be left unmentioned is the mastering integration of on-line payment instruments. Tackling this problem helped to increase the efficiency and reliability of web site e-commerce, which resulted in the number of on-line commercial orders.

The close collaboration between the client company and our developers helped to understand the main principles and business demands, which formed the basis for further parallel project launched by the site owner in another sphere.

It is a commercially successful web based project committed to the United Kingdom property sector. It was designed to provide the collaborative network activity for property professionals to interact with each other and to post details of new and existing real estate “vacancies”. The primary goal of the web application is to give the informational advantage to its users - property agents. The network of contacts facilitates the dialogue between prospective tenants and the properties owners, which helps to track the real estate market condition and effectively match the clients to their property agents.

Our team has designed convenient and laconic interface which helps easily to fill in the on-line listings and search for properties/requirements, using the search engine on the basis of the property type and other criteria. Web application features user-friendly graphic interface, where all property listings can be added, deleted, modified easy as pie. The included photo gallery makes the real estate review more vivid and descriptive.

Once registered on the website, users are allowed to post the relevant information about the available real estate they have to rent, tenant, buy or sell in a particular geographical location. All listings are saved in the site's owner database and are checked against all the current postings for the “property-requirement” match according to the user-predefined criteria. If any property match is found, the system sends out alerting messages to users’ emails and personal “My Alerts” pages on the Thus agents can exchange property demand-supply information and coordinate their work more efficiently.

In the future perspective the site will be modernized with Google Maps integration, that will enable users to investigate the area where the real estate is situated and asses location-specific surrounding amenities and facilities that might be of interest, like: parks, roads, underground, schools, shopping centers, recreating centers, restaurants etc.

SelectSpecs is an online optical group based on the east coast of county of Kent and is dedicated to bringing affordable designer and prescription spectacles and sunglasses to the public.

The business goal was to design, implement, deploy and provide ongoing support the solution that would allow selling prescription spectacles and sunglasses online using the latest technologies. The product was designed using modular architecture in order to broaden the specter of its function in the future and have the possibility of integration with the accounting and inventory software used by the customer.

The major project challenge was to create an internal format for making standardized records for user requests. Requests that concern different types of products: budget and designer sunglasses and prescription glasses with prescriptions from the simplest to the most rare and untypical.

One of the main and essential parts of software is the prescription module that allows the customers to order the most sophisticated lenses by mentioning all their parameters during the order process.

Back-end administration console provides the complete control over the entire sales process: customer management, inventory management, order management, etc.

The inventory management module is integrated with the existing inventory software to maintain about 10,000 indiviudal product records in 500+ categories.

The solution is designed to simplify the process of searching goods and purchasing the chosen products online. For the convenience of non-English speaking customers multilingual support was integrated. Multiple currency support is at the customers’ service to make easier ordering the product and purchasing it for customers that live outside UK. The purchase is performed through an integrated credit card payment module.

All the SEO works have been performed and implemented successfully on the website. The implementation reduced the operating costs by 20 % and increased the on-line sales.