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As globalization takes on we are realizing that regardless of the industry and sphere you are working at, everyone needs better management of information in order to compete efficiently. The combination of business-oriented capabilities and advanced solution-development techniques is a right combination to provide flawless results. That is why we encourage our clients to use cutting-edge technologies that truly impact business:

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

It is a unified platform for information-based work, which provides efficient solutions for all business tasks in a familiar Microsoft media. We offer a wide range of user-friendly approaches to ease your work in management and collaboration with existing systems. Among the services we provide are the following:

  • Administration – introduction of a proactive management to your business environment with alerts and scheduled analysis, including managing permissions, activity and storage analysis.
  • Integration to other systems – we can unite several systems into one platform so that users collaborate and create content with the tool they are most familiar with. A nice complement to more structured management capabilities.
  • Customization – we can tailor the default settings of SharePoint products to suit your individual preferences. We assist you not only in customized application development but also maintaining them which ensures smooth operations and reduces the cost of redeveloping and redeploying applications.
  • Custom Web Part development – creation of custom Web Part controls of SharePoint sites to extend its functionality and leave up to your expectations. This allows you to combine all of the built-in SharePoint features with the new ones, to improve collaboration, to facilitate document sharing and content management. Moreover, we help to integrate our custom UI controls into your current site.
Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft Project Server

It is a project management server solution that enables organizations to more effectively manage and coordinate work from one-time projects to the complex ones across the entire company life cycle. We help to adopt your Microsoft-based project by adjusting and simplifying technology experiences in three main directions:

  • Administration - include remote administration, user support, as well as system maintenance and enhancement. We provide diligent and professional support across the company's entire life cycle to help organizations effectively initiate, authorize access, plan and deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Customization - tune the usage of Project Server to exactly meet your company's needs. We change and configure system with a view to further adaptability and mutability for new requirements. We assist you not only in customized application development but also maintaining them, which ensures smooth operations and reduces the cost of redeveloping and redeploying applications. Our professional team perform tasks which include: creation of the reports, customization of the work flow phases and stages, automatic deployment with great accuracy. The combination of innovative data representation techniques, latest technologies and routine process automation will reduce amount of occasional mistakes and boost your business performance.
  • Integration with other systems – as Project Server supports native integration with other Microsoft family software products, we help to assist you this software cooperation and remove the possible difficulties. We put a great emphasize on a profitable collaboration with corporative infrastructures like: web portals (MS SharePoint, for example), Calendar, Mail Server (MS Exchange), Database Server (MS SQL), and other office applications, including MS Word, Excel, InfoPath, etc, so you can leverage on the performance potential of latest technologies.

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