Software Development

IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

We have experience of delivering high performance web applications with complex functionality, that have achieved commercial success. We comprehensively analyze the requests from customers and offer ways to optimize the current and introduce new business processes to develop business-oriented .NET applications that ensure user friendliness and reliability of system operation. In our work we refer to the latest and the most operable web technologies, as the following:

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft Platform

WPF is a software framework and its graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications. We specialize in development of programs with rich and thin User Interfaces, Windows services and console applications for quick data processing or conversion in existing server-side environment. We have experience in design of well balanced and high performance Enterprise software by means of cooperation of all existing customer application resources and newly developed. Our developers create technical solutions for data entry (database-driven systems) and data representation (reports of any format, graphics, image processing).

ASP.NET is a web application framework to allow you to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. In a front end part we perform the design of user-friendly interface and customization of UI controls, which both complement the overall site's style; integration with existing web portals and services, optimization of the site for better navigation and improved representation. As a back end part development, we assist in integration with other sites and services, implementation of the advanced and widely proved technologies.

WCF and Web Services provide .NET Framework class libraries, tools and hosting facilities for enabling software entities to communicate using any protocols, including those used by Web services. On the basis of WCF we provide much richer facilities for managing and deploying applications: support of more Web service protocols; sophisticated solutions involving reliable sessions and transactions. Software developed using WCF can be adapted to work together with a wider variety of other software, thereby increasing the potential return on the investment. We help to assist you in migrating ASP.NET Web Services to WCF, which allows your applications to take advantage of new features and improvements that are unique to WCF.

Microsoft SQL Server

It is a powerful database server, that unifies collection, storage and analysis of data in business applications. Being developed on the basis of business logic, our database solutions are targeted at optimized storing and processing of the data.

We provide SQL server administration, database schema design, efficient scaling and migration, development of high performance SQL queries and functions to select data, automation of data processing and streamline troubleshooting.

Microsoft Azure

This is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment. We can update and modify your applications (by introducing Windows Azure SDK) to start taking advantage of some of the cloud-specific capabilities that the Windows Azure platform has to offer.

Additionally we help you to setup direct connectivity to the cloud-hosted virtual machines and adjust there work in accordance with your system requirements.

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