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Outsource Data Entry and Processing to Ukraine

Outsource Data Entry and Processing to Ukraine


Professional Data Entry and Web Research Services

Outsourcing Ukraine have been a leading offshore data entry services provider for years. Our backend data entry teams have brought much benefit to the customers who decided to outsource the following activities:

Capturing data from online resources
Data entry from images and PDF files
Working with spreadsheets and databases
Data entry into software programs and websites
Working with mailing lists and customer records

Validation and quality assurance
Data cleansing and de-duplication
Data entry from any printed materials
Processing surveys and questionnaires
Copy, paste, editing and sorting of data

We also perform data conversion between different platforms, from manual data conversion to custom automated solutions.

Why Work With Us?

Since 2002

We are one of the leading data entry companies with 15+ years of experience in capturing and processing information.

Global Experience

We have a solid track record of successful data entry projects completed for a variety of companies and industries.

Value for Money

Our highly qualified team will take care of all your data needs for a reasonable price, ensuring high accuracy and quick turnaround.

Flexible Terms

We offer flexible contract terms – from one-off assignments to dedicated researchers and data entry teams.

We have been selected as a Top Data Entry Company by DesignRush.

Recent Data Projects

An international consulting agency contracted us to gather the information about state-owned companies and their officials around the world. We collated information in multiple European languages and entered the summaries into an online database. This task was very labour-intensive and time consuming while the client did not have enough internal resources to address it promptly. So we served as a natural extension to the customer's team, providing the required flexibility and cost savings.
Our team was engaged to analyse the share transactions effected by top managers and senior employees with the shares of their own companies. We monitored about 60,000 companies in 60 countries worldwide. The tracked data included all stocks at the markets where such transactions were reported. Our skilled and prompt service provided a timely image of the transactions most likely to influence the future share-price performance.
We supported a marketing agency in collecting and analysing the advertising information across different networks. The goal was to collate various ad metrics, for instance a comparison of performance between the customer and other ad providers. Our team performed the data acquisition and submission of the reports on a daily basis, in a close collaboration with the customer's own team. We ensured a steady data retrieval, its processing, value calculation and online reporting by input into the data processing sheets.
An online bike shop employed our company to take care of the product data entry. Our main task here was to acquire the product details, optimise them for online publishing, identify and search for missing data, upload the information into the online database. Having our operators searching and updating the data, provided substantial time savings to the customer and enabled them to focus on the business-critical activities.
We provided assistance to a financial advisory firm. Our team collected, processed, and analysed the data on the outstanding loans. We undertook the processing of a large amount of information, its retrieval and documenting. It required a lot of time and resources, so our team was there to support our client in saving their time and allowing them to use their limited internal resources more efficiently.

Quality Promise

Service quality is a top priority for Outsourcing Ukraine. We have established QA procedures to make sure our customers receive complete and verified data. These procedures range from manual record validation to automated quality routines. We can guarantee the accuracy, consistency, security, and confidentiality of your data.

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