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Your Offshore Development Center

From one-off projects to dedicated remote teams, we are here to help turning your IT vision and ideas into reality. Backed by more than a decade of working with the international IT industry, and with clients from the United States, Great Britain, Australia and all over the European Union, we are well equipped to work with you in attaining your business goals.

We specialize in database-driven PHP web applications for Linux platform, based on open-source frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter and popular CMS platforms like WordPress. Additionally, we work with the latest front-end technologies, including jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue.js and others. We’re familiar with most popular databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, as well as no-SQL solutions like MongoDB. Deployment options include: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and other cloud platforms. We also provide related data entry and processing services. By using the best technologies we are able to give you the best results possible.


Featured Software Development Projects

ERP Solution for a Furniture Manufacturer

The customer was struggling with an outdated ERP system that was unable to handle an increasing number of users and transactions. We designed new data structures for operational and financial data, including support for products, parts and assemblies, purchase orders, suppliers, invoices, customers, manufacturing orders, etc. The application was implemented as a high-performance web application with database back-end and comprehensive reporting options. The solution eliminated most of the manual processes, including the most time-consuming cost calculations.

Discount Management for an eBay Retailer

Manual business process to manage discounts at eBay store and absence of a central place to view and manage online sales prices caused a serious inconvenience to the customer. Our team was entrusted to develop a custom web app to host and manage information about product sales, integrated with eBay API to sync products and publish sales to eBay. We also had to design the scheme of background workflows to apply tiered discounts automatically. Eventually, these measures increased sales via providing consistent discount policy, eliminated human errors by automating all manual processes.

Back-office and BI System for an Optical Lab

The customer had an obsolete and incomplete system for managing customers and job orders, suffering from repetitive manual processes and double-entry scenarios. Additionally, no tools were available for business analysis and reporting, which made it difficult to operate and develop the business. OU team implemented a web-based app providing a complete lab management solution, comprehensive reports covering different aspects of the business, and provided integration with an accounting system and lens-cutting machinery. As a result, new automated workflows eliminated the old manual processes, avoiding human errors and double-entry scenarios.

Web Portal for a Safety Compliance Company

Our team was contracted to do an in-place upgrade of an outdated job management system. Using the existing data model, we created a new web application, gradually replacing the parts of existing system, and then adding new functionality to the portal. The system was integrated with a number of external services such as Google Maps, Xero, SMS Central, etc. The solution was enhanced by moving large amounts of infrequently used data to a no-SQL database (MongoDB). Addition of a self- service customer area and automation of manual work processes eliminated a lot of potential errors, improved the staff’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Online Open-source Data Catalogue

Our client, a California-based consultancy, partnered with us to create an online platform to exchange and share data on important cultural, economic, social and environmental issues. The primary functionality of the software was to make it possible for users to input, update, view, report on, organize, share and download data on line. We developed a high-performance custom web application with complex functionality, including data uploads and storage, reports and visualizations (such as data plots), as well as automated data feeds (ADF).

Online Event Ticketing Platform

Our team provided a complete development solution to an event management company for implementation and ongoing support of an online ticketing platform. The web application is designed to allow visualization of venue layouts and available seats, and other essential services like online payment processing, seat reservations, box office, etc. The system features comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as RESTful API for developing custom purchasing workflows and integration with third-party systems.

Self-service Accounting Portal

Our team was contracted to develop an online portal for handling individual tax affairs for the residents of Czech Republic. The project was backed by an accounting firm providing the subject matter expertise to the development team. We implemented a web application that provides a complete solution for managing tax return, as well as ordering individual tax advisory services, connecting the users to a tax consultant. The project represented a new and unique service which provided a competitive advantage to our customer seeking to expand his client base.

Online Artwork Marketplace

Our client, a US-based web agency, contracted us to implement an online marketplace for artists to demonstrate and sell their artwork. We implemented a web application that allows creating artist profiles and upload their work samples; and enables the end users to view and order the artwork online. The system is integrated with third-party canvas printing services and online payment gateway. This provided a complete solution for both sellers and buyers, and a strong foundation for the client’s new business model.

Our services are designed to provide full product development cycle for our customers:

Conception and Implementation

Using both emerging and established technologies to develop a concept and develop the solution.

Extension and Customization

Identify and extend solution design across platforms, or extend the solution to web and smart devices.

Testing and Quality Assurance

A critical part of maintaining competitive advantage is having a tried and tested bespoke software solution.

Maintenance and Support

Technical support that is both reactive and proactive. Support that takes on both troubleshooting and monitoring.

We are recognized as a Top Web Development Company and Top Fintech Software Development Company on SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co.

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