IT Outsourcing to Ukraine

Nowadays, contact management, known as a widely-implemented strategy for managing interactions between a business and its customers, becomes more and more common place in a web-enhanced service.

Omnicom Group Inc., the world-known network of advertising agencies, wanted to leverage the diverse expertise of their global contacts by creating web platform able to perform basic functions of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our client – CODE, being a part of the Omnicom network, contracted us to implement this CRM solution.

The business goal of the project was to create the web application that will help to monitor the current and former relationships of advertising agencies with their clients. The principal functionality should enable each registered user (agency) to identify their potential clients by the business sector, prehistory of cooperation and relationship status they have with them.

All information about the clients should be updated once a month on a quarterly basis and available to all users in accordance with their roles in the system.


The project had the following problems to be solved:

  • The new system should replace and improve existing one according to the up-to-date requirements. This presupposes importing of a significant amount of legacy information and providing its integrity and accuracy;
  • Provide a role-based access control, that insures restricting system access to authorized users and allows to perform certain operations assigned to their roles;
  • Create a secure and robust reporting system, embedded as a part of CRM, that will help the system's users to monitor the clients' information;
  • The system should be developed to accept the third-party data sources. The premium is placed on the Entity Manager – the client's internal system that contains confidential data about their agencies and clients. Not the least important is the integration with Lexis Nexis – the on-line service that provides information on different companies.


Our team has come up with workable solutions that transferred the application to new levels of power and usability:

  • We have successfully performed previous software migration and eliminated redundancy in the data structure. The new version represents a .Net application designed as a web part within the OmnicomLink SharePoint portal;
  • Creation of the web part controls on the basis of SharePoint helped to extend functionality and provided consistency with the corporate standards in the content management;
  • To manage the agencies' clients the Entity Manager was integrated into the system via Web Services. The agencies are split into discipline groups and the task manager requires new and existing users to up-date the data for the entities they represent on a quarterly basis;
  • The role-based access has been activated by means of integration with Active Directory and DAPS (the client’s internal access control system). There are three user roles in addition to the administrator, all requiring permissions to perform particular system functions. Integrated role management helps restrict users from accessing confidential data;
  • Each user can associate himself correctly with an agency network or sector by receiving an approval from administrator and participate in activities based on his/her role. The system actively sync with Entity Manager to ensure agency contact information is accurate and notify administrator when a discrepancy is found or a role is missing;
  • Information about clients and their brands is sourced from Lexis Nexis and has annual updates.


With the successful migration of a legacy application to the .Net framework, our team has provided CODE – one of the partners of Omnicom Group Inc. with a more robust and scalable web-based solution to share knowledge and to communicate between agencies and clients. ClientLink application is committed to maximizing commercial success for the network of advertising agencies and its "client links" in the following ways:

  • Makes inter-agency networking more efficient by dramatically reducing communication time and effort;
  • Reduces costs by streamlining communication between agencies and Omnicom corporate and by creating one robust site;
  • Increases communication and information flow by providing quick and easy access to key contacts and information within the business network;
  • Provides agency employees with the information and resources they need and require to perform their jobs most effectively.

In the future perspective our team has plans as for the improvement of the system's performance, able to withstand the increasing volume of data. Our goal is to make sure that the application meets new essential requirements: has enhanced speed and boosted performance (/or capacity), installed load timings and the overall system stability.

Customer: CODE UK (United Kingdom), an Omnicom agency delivering IT solutions for the marketing industry worldwide.